Newly Appointed Global Partners Missionaries


It almost seems surreal but Robin and I spent a week in October in Fishers, Indiana at Wesleyan Headquarters because we are… get ready for it… newly appointed missionaries. We have been appointed as Wesleyan Missionaries who will be serving with West Indies Self Help (WISH) in La Gonave, Haiti. We were joined by 6 others who are also starting this journey.

It was our official orientation to all things Global Partners. We learned about the importance of vision, developing partners, persuasive presentations, and the not to be missed policy and handbook seminars. Our week was jam packed and at times, it was overwhelming. But Robin and I both thought it was beneficial and even encouraging. Just knowing there is the A-Team back at HQ who provide resources and who are lifting us all up in prayer is a tremendous comfort.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty. We are in the middle of even more training on partnership development. We both are ready to dive in and start contacting friends and family but we know this time of training will be important. So we are doing our best to soak it in and complete the assignments so that when we do hit the road, we are effective at sharing our dreams and vision. IMG_1460


I will say, the Global Partners Staff sure knows how to throw a party. Non-stop candy to boost our energy. Can we say #partyweek.

14 thoughts on “Newly Appointed Global Partners Missionaries

  1. You all know how excited both Rich and I are for you. Keep us well posted and if you need ANYTHING let us know. Can’t wait to pack a couple of suitcases forLaGonav!


  2. Congratulations. The Wesleyan Ministry, Haiti, and the world at large will benefit from your commitment to humanity. Everybody wins!


  3. I am feeling a little teary as I read this. Tears of joy over your willingness to be obedient to the call of God on your lives. So, so excited for your journey. Looking forward to further updates. I will pray for you. Please say a special “hello” to Gielle for me.


    • Thanks Kandy. Maybe you, Di, and Claudette can visit us in Haiti for some cake making classes. Or line dancing. If not a visit, we know you will be lifting us up in prayer. I’ll pass your message to Gaëlle and I’m sure you can picture her big smile.


  4. How exciting and scary with taking your family back to a place known to you each in a different way. I know God will use your skills and His gifts to reach people in this part of His vineyard. Love and prayers, Joyce and Bill M.


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