What does it mean?

Presidential Palace

White – picket – iron – mesh – barbed wire

Fences are just a part of our lives. We use them for security, boundaries, protection, to prevent movement or just for looks. And honestly, I love stumbling on an old stone fence that’s falling apart and half buried because I can just imagine the history surrounding that. In our personal lives we use the term “fence” as a metaphor and the meaning is the same. Fences represent security, protection, and boundaries.

Robin and I want to use the phrase “Beyond the Fence” as a reminder that God has called us to live within His plan and that may not be inside the comfortable fences we’ve erected physically or emotionally. We have been so challenged by the words in the book “When Helping Hurts” and the idea that we have relationships with four groups of people; God, self, others, and the rest of creation. If we want to be in relationship with OTHERS, then we need to move, live, and work outside the fence. For us, this image is a reminder that our lives shouldn’t always be so orderly, neat and tidy with a perfect white picket fence all around it. Relationships can and will be messy. And relationship building is not always comfortable. We will not be perfect and the people around us are not perfect. But we serve a God who can and will heal the brokenness. We want God to use us no matter where we live.

Our prayer is that God will open our eyes to all of the beauty He has for us “Beyond the Fence”.

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