My Security Fence

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This has been another week of walking through fences. On December 1st, I passed in my discharge papers and notified my boss I was retiring. For the past 26 years the RCMP has provided a huge amount of security for which I am very grateful. I got a paycheck at the end of the week regardless of the ups and downs of the economy and was able to provide a comfortable life for my family. That meant a lot to me but God has called me to put that security aside and depend on Him.

This past week in my You Version devotions I read;

Do you have difficulty accepting help from others? Does it make you feel weak, incompetent, or vulnerable? Receiving help requires letting go of your self-sufficiency even if it’s just for a moment. Instead of feeling vulnerable, many of us prefer to hide behind a mask of confidence and capability. 

That really challenged me. As a Christian my dependence should be on God and His provisions. This step of retiring has signaled the end of my own self-sufficiency as I start to depend more and more on what God provides. I will also have to look to others to help us as we look to minister in Haiti. We know that it will be the prayers of others that will sustain us during the difficult times that will come. We know that financially, it will be the partnerships with others that will help us be the hands and feet of this team.


The day has come for me to put aside the authority of my badge, the respect of the Red Serge and the security of the job. It’s time to allow God to take me to a new level of dependence on His authority, His respect and His security. Although I have a few more months to walk through the physical fence of the RCMP Headquarters, for me, Monday, I walked through my big fence when I passed in that piece of paper with my end date and my signature.


But you – keep your eye on what you are doing; accept the hard times along with the good; keep the Message alive; do a thorough job as God’s servant.

2nd Timothy 4:5 MSG.

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