Whose ministry is this?

Robin and I have not been involved in full time ministry so this will be another new fence for us. Until now we’ve been firmly planted on the layperson side. So as we move not only physically but also in a career sense , how do we not only navigate the life of full time ministry for ourselves but also for our kids who have never experienced that life?

After all we are a family of 7 with 5 kids. Yup. That’s us. 3 of our kids are fairly independent and even with 2 still in university, the older set of kids are pretty much on their own.

I was recently listening to a podcast by Christine Caine as she interviewed 2 women who grew up as ministry kids. One was the daughter of a pastor and the other was the daughter of a famous Bible teacher. Both are now married to pastors. The theme that ran through their discussion was “INVITATION”. The kids were invited to be part of the journey, part of the ministry, and part of the mission.

One of the families used the phrase, “We GET to join the journey. We GET to pray. We GET to help people meet Jesus.” As the kids embraced the family mission, it was a game changer for them.

So, we have been talking with the kids about our ministry and what that will look like for them and for us as a family. We have asked them what they would like to do specifically in Haiti. Peter has been volunteering in the kids program in our church for several months now. He enjoys it and is quite good with the kids. But during these discussions, he was more specific and said that he would like to teach kids. That excites me. And the great thing is this is something he can do now. I probably wouldn’t have thought to include him in the actual teaching, but this Sunday I am teaching Children’s Church 2 times. And guess who will be helping me?

Another family ministry is puppets. So much fun.

Another family ministry is puppets. So much fun.

Both of these women mentioned the cost of having parents in full time ministry. But the blessings for them outweighed the cost. I’m thankful for grace because we know we are flawed as parents and we have made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes with our kids. We all know there will be a cost for the kids as they leave their lives here in Canada and move back to Haiti. Today, our prayer is that as we continue down this path, our kids feel INVITED and excited to go Beyond the Fence.

2 thoughts on “Whose ministry is this?

  1. We will remember to pray for you and your kids. There will be lots of changes but we know that the Lord will help each of you as you see and step into the opportunities that He provides. He has chosen you so He will provide.


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