Ministry of Preparation

As Beth and I prepare for the international mission field, it is becoming evident how much work and preparation needs to be done before we can deploy. I thought our mission field was going to be Haiti but have recently realized that we have a chance to influence others for Christ during this preparation phase as well. While explaining to people at work why we are leaving and where we are going I have had a chance to share my faith. It has been very encouraging to have these conversations in an environment where we don’t generally talk about God.

This past March I made a trip to Haiti and visited a small school on the island of LaGonave. I had been there before and each time the community had progressed just a little further on building a new school. However, this last time the school was at a standstill due to the lack of materials and money. The community had a plan and vision for their school so my friend and I decided we were going to do something to help see the school to completion.

When I returned home I started to talk about my trip to some colleagues and a few seeds were planted. We discussed taking a team of RCMP staff to Haiti and have them raise the funds needed. We are now a team of 13 and are well on our way to reaching the goal of $15,000 to finish the school. These colleagues are from across the country and come from diverse backgrounds. All of them are very excited to be able to help out in this small way. But, the best part is they will get to see first hand how God works in such a challenging environment, and through people of faith in Jesus Christ, witness dignity in the midst of poverty.


Our Team Poster used to promote our trip in April.

This will be the first time to Haiti for all but one (he was born there). As Beth and I step outside of our fence of comfort, we are inviting others to step out with us. In the case of my colleagues, I am inviting them to step beyond their fences and hopefully see Christ’s love in the process.

Bless, be a blessing to others and in the process you will be blessed. 1 Peter 1:9

One thought on “Ministry of Preparation

  1. We are praying that the Lord will continue to give you direction and the wisdom to use in your preparation for the work that He has for you. This message about the RCMP officers blesses our hearts.


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