A New Normal

The parking lot of donkeys outside the market.

The parking lot of donkeys outside the market.

So, how are we doing? Well, I think things are going well. We’re settling in and getting used to our new normal. Honestly, it hasn’t been hard and it hasn’t been easy. It just is.

And what does that look like? I’ll start with the critter adjustments.

ANTS. For some reason it is a challenge to stay ahead of the ants in the house. So our new normal is me reminding the rest of the family to wipe off the counter immediately. Put all food away immediately. Don’t let any grape jelly flick off your knife or the ants will come marching in one by one until they are swarming all over the tiny speck of jelly.

MISQUITOS. Peter has not had a single bite and has not put on any bug spray. I’m a tad jealous. I douse myself with repellent at least 3 times a day and I get bitten ALL THE TIME. I’m hoping to find something that works for me SOON.

LIZARDS – Gaelle is not happy to wake up and find a cute little lizard staring at her. Today Peter came to the rescue and removed the zandolit (ironically one of the few words she remembers in Creole). I’m trying to encourage her to just ignore them. She’s working on it.

TRANSPORTATION – It is a challenge to get around here. It’s easy to walk to local markets and stores and we are blessed that WISH has suitable vehicles to go over the rough terrain. This week I tried my hand at driving. There is a larger market up in the hills and it takes about an hour to slowly drive there. So this week I went for it. An ATV was behind me and I had a fellow missionary next to me encouraging me over the rough spots. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and relief when that morning was over.

A different kind of mule.

A different kind of mule.

BEAUTY – I can’t get over the intense blues and greens and browns that are all around me. The natural beauty is stunning and I so appreciate the gorgeous display. I wish I could adequately capture those moments and hold onto them for the rough times ahead.

The kids remember Haitian food fondly and were happy when Madame Foglas made griot.

The kids remember Haitian food fondly and were happy when Madame Foglas made griot.

9:00 PM – This has become an important hour in our house. Again, we are so thankful for consistent and reliable electricity, but at 9:00 pm each evening, the system switches to an invertor for our electricity. If we forget and open the refrigerator after 9:00 pm, then the refrigerator shuts off and our food doesn’t stay cold. So… note to self, plan ahead.

HEAT – So far Gaelle is the only one who seems to mind the heat. It has been hot and a cold shower at night feels sooooo good. But we are kind of surprised at how well we are doing with the heat and Gaelle seems to be doing better.

With any new season in life, there are adjustments. That’s the reality for all of us no matter where we live or what we do. For many of us September is a month of change as kids move onto college or new schools and after a summer of rest, a lot of programs start back up. Please know that we love seeing how you all are doing and we are so thankful that as we make our transition to our new normal, we know that so many of you are doing the exact same thing. We are not alone. We feel your prayers and your love.

One thought on “A New Normal

  1. We were so happy to get your e mail this evening. It sounds like you have your feet on the ground and have started running !!! God is so good and with all of the changes in your ( and our) lives He knows just what we need. We are on the tail end of our trip across Canada and back. We are back in ON now so hope to be home by the 30th. It has been an amazing month and God’s creation fills us with awe. He blesses us in so many ways. We continue to pray for you as you make adjustments to a new country. With our love & prayers, David & Genevieve Ingersoll


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