2016 Word of the Year

Is 26_3

Since 2015 was a year unlike any other, I’m not quite sure how it can be topped. But I’m more than willing to try. My word for 2015 was JOY. With all that was going on in our lives, all of the change and transition, I knew I needed to keep a sense of JOY. Not just for my sake, but also for the entire family. I wasn’t perfect and there were moments that I allowed heaviness to prevail. But I can also look back over the past year to all of those moments where life was filled with JOY.

Now as I choose my word for 2016 I’ve been going back and forth between a couple of words. But I’ve finally settled on one. PEACE.

There were many times of uncertainty during the past year as Robin and I left jobs, left our home church, left friends and family, sold our house and gave away almost all of our belongings. Even now in our new job, home, and country, there are times when it feels a bit heavy and the uncertainty can get us down.

Honestly, I think now that we are here, the uncertainty is even greater. We are still getting established and there are still so many things we don’t know. We had so many dreams and ideas before we came. We still have so many dreams and ideas; ideas we would like to try and ministries we would like to see grow. But we are not completely sure how our ministry here in Haiti should look. We are not completely sure how to prioritize our time and energy.

As we continue to learn more about the culture and the people, we want to get it right. But we don’t want to be paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. As we grow in our roles here, we want to honour God and honour the people around us.

So, as we seek what God wants for us and our family, we also want to seek God’s peace.

Which leads to my word for 2016…. PEACE.

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