The Long and Windy Road


Our family has never been one to take exotic vacations or really even to travel too far from home. We have always enjoyed taking weekend road trips close to home to explore what is practically in our back yard.

Now that our home is in Haiti, we have continued those little family road trips. If we want to explore some place other than La Gonave we have to start with a 90 minute boat ride. Then hop in the truck and go.


This past weekend we decided to explore the Kenscoff Mountain region of Haiti. I found a small guesthouse up the mountain, which was our first stop. It took us a while to actually find the place. We asked numerous people on the side of the ride for directions and we drove around in circles, but we finally found it.


Even though we weren’t far out of Port of Prince, the area felt completely different. We walked up and down steep neighborhood roads surrounded by lush mountains and the people pretty much ignored us. We are used to getting lots of attention so it felt kind of good to just walk. The evening noises were not motorcycles or loud music or even roosters, but very loud frogs, crickets and lizards. Seriously, it was kind of hard to fall asleep.


The next day we drove further up the mountain and explored even more. What an amazing place. We drove through crowded town markets and windy roads, always going higher up. Peter and Gaëlle spent the first years of their life in this area so it was even more special to get out and explore. Peter loves the mountains and has fond memories of climbing them. We were able to find the community of their birth and spent time visiting the area. Again, this was so different from the dusty roads of Anse-à-Galets.


A bit of a delay waiting for the herd of sheep to move out of the way. 

There’s a Haitian proverb that says:

Sa je pa wé, ké pa tounen. What the eye doesn’t see, doesn’t move the heart.

We love visiting different parts of Haiti. Our hearts have been moved by the new people we have met and the new communities we have experienced. Can’t wait to do it again.

3 thoughts on “The Long and Windy Road

  1. Beth & Robin,
    I just read your blog (going backwards) & love the writing and the pics! This took me deeper into the culture & the country of Haiti. I really appreciate the time you put into exploring and sharing your travels, insights, thoughts, reactions — merci beaucoup!!
    Beth, if JOY was your 2015 word … & PEACE was for 2016 … what is your word for 2017???
    With ❤️ & blessings from Molly & Jon


  2. I hope you went to the Baptist Mission and visited the “zoo”. Beautiful view and very peaceful. When I stayed in PaP this was what we did on our “fun” day. Also a museum there.


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