This is the Way…Walk In It

group.jpgLiving in Haiti there are rarely 2 days that are the same but they are all usually busy. And then there are those days of complete chaos. Wednesday was one of those days.

I was awakened 5:30 am Saturday morning to a telephone call from the dental team flying in that day from South Carolina. Their flight was delayed which meant they would miss their flight to Haiti and subsequently, their flight to La Gonave. New travel plans were made and they arrived Sunday afternoon… just a day later then planned.

Sunday evening I received a phone call from Marie. Her plane to Miami was also delayed and while she waited in the airport, she had a chance to connect with the Dental Community Fellowship team. 14 years ago she started the ministry in Port au Prince called Caring for Haitian Orphans with Aids. She had several kids with serious dental issues and Dr. Bill Sasser told her that if she could get to La Gonave, he would take care of her kids.

When I was talking with her, she didn’t have any idea what was involved in getting to our little island. But she was determined. She was in Haiti. Dr. Bill was in Haiti and that’s all she needed to know. When it comes to these situations, I tend to look at the problems and Robin looks for solutions. We really do make a great team as we work together. So we put our heads together and came up with a plan.

On Wednesday afternoon as Robin was in the midst of a tele-conference, Dave drove the truck and I drove the mule to the public wharf where 23 kids and 7 adults were getting off the ferry. The first words out of Marie’s mouth, “I had no idea it would be so chaotic.” Which made me laugh. And that was just the start.

As we pulled into the WISH yard, the first order was a bathroom break. After all… 23 kids. So far so good. But then, the chaos let loose. Not with they kids. They were amazing and so well behaved. But just life.

It was now 4:00 pm and as I stood in the yard and took it all in, this was the scene.

– Jean Baptiste was driving the backhoe with very heavy dental chairs from the depot because 2 of the dental chairs were completely broken and needed to be replaced.

– Robin had the truck with mattresses from the depot and the small house. The group was going to sleep in the library. We offered this to Marie and she was happy to take us up on this to save money and still be safe.


– The dentists had finished their assessment of the group and were trying to figure out how to do it all in 4 hours because Marie had to leave by 6 am the next morning to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

– A local cook who has a business at the WISH mall was there to take their food order for the evening.

– A missionary came to talk about a friend with a dental crisis.

– Another missionary was there to talk with 2 locals about a concern completely unrelated to the dentists.

While I was standing there looking all around me, even in the chaos, there was a peace. Everybody was working together to make this happen. There was a beautiful sense of purpose.

At 8:15 pm Robin and I walked over to the library to see how the group was doing. Every child was in bed. Wide awake but completely cleaned up and lying down. Every dental need had been met.

Upon reflection, it was obvious that this was a divine appointment. Marie and the DCF Team had a chance to connect in the airport. Those of us on the ground had a chance to bring fruit to that connection. It wasn’t easy for Marie. It meant a very long day for the DCF Team. It was extra work for Robin and the WISH staff.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

But my pray is the words of Isaiah. When we hear God’s voice, we will walk in it. I would hate to miss a divine appointment.

2 thoughts on “This is the Way…Walk In It

  1. Wow, what a beautiful, chaotic story!! I can see it all just as you described it! Isn’t God’s timing amazing!!?? But so often we only see it in retrospect. Thanks for sharing a day in your lives! Thanks for your faithful service to God and the Haitian people!


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