ABIDE – Word of the Year


The New Year is a time of reflection for many of us and since 2012 part of my reflecting back and looking ahead has been focusing on a word of the year. This year I have chosen ABIDE. I have seen it recently in many different ways and I think it is the perfect theme for me.

This past year has really been an awakening of sorts for me. It’s become obvious that so much of my identity consists of what I do. What I am able to accomplish. And I have an inner critic that is all too quick to tell myself when I have messed up or when my efforts are not good enough. I also have a natural inclination to try to fix my world and myself. I am quick to read books, take classes, implement new strategies and processes, and just basically try to reform my life.

Some of that reading, listening, and studying has actually led me to my word for this year. ABIDE is not a word used very often in conversation. There is an archaic definition, which means to “live or dwell”. The Greek root is meno, which means “to remain”. There are different forms of that word in the Bible with different meanings. Basically, there is the subtle implication that abide means persistence and loyalty and clinging to hope and life even when it is hard; not letting exterior circumstances change you.

One author gave the analogy of a shipwrecked sailor, clinging to a rock, uncertain of rescue but filled with an internal peace. Meno. He is abiding.

I don’t want to imply that daily life here is like a shipwreck, altho there are days… But I do want to replace my need for approval from others with approval from God. I want to replace my inner critic with a words of grace. And I want to be fully engaged in a life that dwells, lives and rests on God. This is my time to ABIDE in Him.

ABIDE in HIM_Fotor

I’ve always known that God loves me. I know that more than anything He desires my love and faithfulness. I can stop the performing and I can rest in Him. And I need that. I need Him. I need His peace.

Come to me and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

In 2018 I will ABIDE in Him.

How about you? Have you chosen a word of the year?

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