What Do I See?

Foundation RebarHow many of us will look at this photo and only see a rock foundation with rebar sticking out of it? Maybe see the beauty in the background? Red dirt?

I see complexity. I see the fear as the current home is set on the edge of a cliff where huge chunks of ground are starting to fall away. I see the need for a new safe home.

I see the backbreaking work of hauling rocks and then breaking them to a useful size; the determination required to save for cement and the family effort as they spend hours carrying bucket loads of rocks and sand to fill in the spaces in the foundation.

I see the hope for a better future as they include a cistern for storing rainwater in the foundation. The finish work on the cement is expensive and time consuming and so well done and shows a desire to improve their quality of life as so much time is spent walking up and down the cliff to access water from a WISH fountain.

House Collage

And I feel discomfort. I feel the tension of knowing this family and knowing how much I value the space I call my home while seeing this family’s race against time before their current home goes sliding down the cliff.

We are constantly questioning the best way to walk alongside our neighbors and friends. We are constantly weighing the needs of our community and trying to determine what God is asking us to do. We are always called to pray. But do we give? Do we ask others to give? Do we neglect our own needs because it feels wrong to spend money on ourselves?

The one thing we can’t do is turn away and not see. Everywhere we go, we see the beauty of Haiti and the beauty of its people, but we also see the struggle. Many times the struggle to just survive.

What do you see today?  What questions are you asking yourself? How is God asking you to respond?

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