The colors in my world

Heliconia Flower

“One day you will wake up and the sky will be blue. You will be surrounded by color. The color was missing, and you didn’t even realize it. But now it’s back.”

When I was in a season of despair and I felt the loss of my foundation because what I thought was true, wasn’t, I received wise counsel from a visiting pastor. In the midst of all of his encouragement and compassion and truth to not allow bitterness to rule me, he also reminded me that there was an end. And I would know it when the color returned.

I believe there are many components we can use to enjoy a full and healthy life and to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Church, Bible study, prayer, community, and worship are a few of the ways God has met me and helped me in my spiritual development.

However, life in Haiti has shown me that I needed to peel away the old ways of dealing with issues. They just weren’t working in Haiti. Robin and I have both felt battered and at times personally assaulted. At the same time, we have felt closer to God than we ever did before. At times we both felt like God was pulling us into His arms and holding us close. Even in the midst of pain.

Wellsprings of Freedom International is a prayer ministry that invites Jesus into the process of helping people find healing from past emotional wounds. This September Robin and I visited Wellsprings of Freedom and participated in their Individual Freedom Sessions. We each had our own team of prayer warriors and spiritual discerners. Different people for each session. The sessions were unlike anything we have experienced in our spiritual life. But the prayer times were deeply impactful.

During one of my sessions, one of the team members shared a vision with me. She saw a rainbow of color and me walking through. The colors were bright and vibrant and represented the freedom God has for me. This image reminds me of the promise my friend shared with me. One day I will wake up and the sky will be blue.

So, what is the color in my sky? Am I walking in greys or am I walking in the abundance of color?

This past weekend our family visited Fort Jacque which is north of Port au Prince. As we were walking around the outside, I was struck by the lush tropical vegetation. And through the large banana like leaves, there were lots of heliconia flowers. The reds were vibrant. The yellows were a sharp contrast. And all around were bold greens. Color. The day was damp and grey. But the flowers were there. It was God’s promise to me. His promise of color. Just for me.

Robin and I believe that our time at “Wellsprings” was priceless. And yet we know it is just one piece in the puzzle of healing. We both still have work to do in order to live in Haiti and to thrive and not just survive. In order to completely walk in God’s grace and love. We covet your prayers as we work for complete freedom from the strongholds of the past.

Are you walking through a season of despair? Is your sky blue? How have you seen God move you through the greys of life to the bold colors?

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